Restaurant Reservation and Customer Service

Use Case: Restaurant Reservation and Customer Service Scenario: A restaurant wants to improve its booking system and customer service follow-up without overwhelming their staff with phone calls. Solution: Implement a chatbot on WhatsApp, enabling customers to book tables, ask questions, and receive promotional updates asynchronously at their convenience. Outcome: Customers enjoy the flexibility of communicating […]

Inquiry Handling

Use Case: Real Estate Inquiry Handling Scenario: A real estate agency receives a high volume of inquiries about property listings, which varies in complexity and often requires human intervention. Solution: A hybrid chatbot system is utilized where basic inquiries are handled by the chatbot. If a query requires detailed discussion, it seamlessly hands off the […]

Multilingual Customer Support

Use Case: Multilingual Customer Support for Tech Products Scenario: A global tech company faces challenges in providing efficient customer support across different languages and time zones. Solution: An AI-enhanced chatbot equipped with natural language processing capabilities is deployed to offer real-time customer support in multiple languages. It can understand and resolve technical issues, provide troubleshooting […]

Appointment Scheduling

Use Case: Appointment Scheduling for Medical Clinics Scenario: A medical clinic needs to manage a high volume of appointment bookings, rescheduling, and general inquiries about services and operating hours. Solution: Implement a basic logic-based chatbot on the clinic’s website and patient portal. This chatbot handles appointment scheduling, answers common questions about clinic operations, and assists […]